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      "But, Madame, Monsieur insisted that I should bring a complete trousseau. He wished Madame to supply herself with all things needful for a long cruise in the south."

      Lady Wyndover smiled on him.

      "I am not going to do either of the three. I am going to ask you a favour."She turned upon him as if he had struck her.


      "All that I can understand; but it didn't exonerate you from your duty to me. You promised me to take care of my young wife."I am afraid that you think our curiosity extremely rude and vulgar. But you see we have, after all, so few new sensations in London, that we welcome any one with so romantic a history as yours.


      But he had never had the inevitable fact brought home to him so plainly until last night. Lord Selvaine had, so to speak, driven the steel home.What is it, dear? she asked, with loving anxiety. You have kept up so well until now.