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      He does, blandly assented Lord Selvaine. He made her acquainted with the names and positions of several others of the brilliant crowd, describing their characters and peculiarities with a happy word or a significant shrug or movement of his small hands; and presently Lady Wyndover came up with another lady."All right? All ready? Where are the others?--Ah!" He sent an eager salutation to the Callenders, and two joyfully bowed, but Anna gave no sign. With great dignity her gaze was bent beyond him on the nearing host, and when Constance plucked her arm she tardily looked three wrong ways.

      You are very confident! she said, with a smile.Trafford, dont you think you could love me a little? I know that I am ignorant and common, almost a savage compared with her, and that you have loved her for a long timebut I am your wife, after all, and I love you as well as she does.

      They reached the hut at last, and the woman, hearing their steps, came out to meet them; she uttered one cry at sight of the motionless figure of the brave girl, then helped them place her on the bed and silently drew a curtain before it. Trafford sunk on a chair and hid his face in his hands; Varley leaned against the wall as if utterly exhausted, as indeed he was; Simon looked from one to the other grimly.She looked at him from under her long lashes with a curious and intense interest. This, then, was the Lord Trafford, the eldest son of the great Duke of Belfayre, who would some day himself be the great Duke of Belfayre. Yes, he was very handsome. Lord Norman had not exaggerated. And she understood, as she scanned him, with a womans comprehensive glance, what Norman had meant when he had said that his cousin was far and away above all other men. She felt, though she could not have explained why, that he was the most distinguished-looking man in the room, though there was no broad blue ribbon across his breast, and only a dark-looking stoneshe did not know that it was a black pearlin his shirt-front for jewelry. Suddenly he looked down at[80] her; so suddenlyand yet not abruptlythat she lowered her eyes quickly.

      Trafford shook his head.She looked at him with a sudden dread in her eyes, a dread which gradually disappeared as he went on.

      The crowd was quick to appreciate the repartee, and laughed with keen enjoyment.




      Varley and Norman went toward their horses, which Simon, before he left, had carefully tethered. Half-way, Varley paused and looked round at Trafford, who was following the doctor to the hut. Trafford stopped and waited, and the two men looked steadily at each other.See here, he said, theres no need for fighting unless youre spoiling for it. We mean to search the camp, every inch of it; well do it quietly, if you like, but we shall do it.[297] The first man who hinders us will pay the penalty. You know me!